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We aim to solve a global customer’s deep-rooted and recurring problems and help them grow their business in the long run.

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Yaswanth Varigonda

Co-Founder / Managing Director

We help in the commitment to the highest standards of professionalism.

Jagadeesh Challa

Co-Founder / Director

Determination to be the best-informed experts in our areas with us.

Yuvana Rani. G

Co-Founder / HR Manager

We assist your passion for adding value to the company.

Our Experienced and Trusted Advisors

Nerds & Geeks Pvt. Ltd.

Dr P E S N Krishna Prasad

SECRETARY, IEEE Computer Society Chapter, Hyderabad

Meet our Team

Yaswanth Varigonda

Managing Director

Jagadeesh Challa

Graphic Administrator

Yuvana Rani. G

HR Manager

Our Experienced and Trusted Advisors

Nerds & Geeks Pvt. Ltd.

Dr P E S N Krishna Prasad

SECRETARY, IEEE Computer Society Chapter, Hyderabad

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Continuous Learning

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What Our Clients say about us

Thank you so much BrightGeeks web services For developing my website as well as providing Digital marketing services at a very affordable cost. Due to your best service, my website is in much profit. Don’t know how to thank you guys Excellent team and very Hardworking.



Team – GlassCeiling

Wow! What a great experience from start to finish! If we need another Custom Designs or Graphic we will be back!

Team – Fashion Parrot

We were very afraid that there is no agency that will deliver the quality that we were looking for. BrightGeeks turned out to be a very good solution.

Since day one, we were engaging in product development. In the beginning, I thought it’s gonna be a very hard road…


Team – Cannasis

I was impressed with the ideas that the BrightGeeks team came up with within the context of leveraging WordPress to the fullest extent.

Their knowledge of the platform was deep and they were able to make practical suggestions that were quickly implemented.”


Team – Noorden International

Systematic in the way you tackle problems and always engaging and a pleasure to work with. What I liked the most was the domain expertise and the feeling that you know all the things that can go right or wrong with WordPress. What I liked about your service was a very stable senior management and a visibly growing team and set of services.


Team – Ninja Systems

“Finding BrightGeeks was a huge relief. I didn’t know where to start when it came to imagining and creating a logo. BrightGeeks made the process incredibly simple and affordable.”


Team – Legal Adda

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