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A trademark is a visual representation of a name, word, label, device or numeric characters utilized by a business to differentiate its goods and/ or services from other similar goods and/ or services deriving from a different business. A trademark works as an exclusive identity of the goods and/ or services that a person is offering/ selling from other such goods/ services.



A trademark registration gives credits to the source of the goods and service.


Guaranteed quality good and service.


We assist in the advertisement of goods as well as services.

Our Process

Search for a Trademark

Filing & Examination

Advertisement of the trademark

Registration of the trademark


Search for a Trademark

Since, there are already tons of different types of trademarks available, once a trademark is chosen, it is essential to carry out a public search on the trademarks database which is available with the Trade Marks Registry to make sure that the trademark is unique and that there is no other trademark which is either similar or identical to his/ her trademark.

The trademark search discloses all the types of trademarks that are already available in the market, either registered or unregistered.


Filing & Examination

The application for registration of the trademark can either be filed in a single-class or a multi-class totally depending on the goods and services the business pertains to.

The registration application is Form TM-A which can be either filed online through the official IP India website or physically at the Trade Marks Office which depends on the jurisdiction of the trademark.

The application for trademark registration has to be supported with multiple documents with complete details of the trademark for which the registration is sought.


Advertisement of the trademark

Once the registration application has been accepted, the said trademark is advertised and also published in the Trade Marks Journal for a period of 4 months. The aim behind the publication and advertisement is to invite the general public to file an opposition against the registration of the mark.


Registration of the Trademark

The final step towards the entire procedure is registration where the application proceeds to registration after conquering the objection and/ or the opposition against the said registration of trademark.

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