BrightGeeks promotional Video

Our Company 3D Animated Promotional Video.

BrightGeeks promotional Video

Animated Advertisement Videos are playing a key role in many business’s content marketing and communications. It is helping us to connect with customers and colleagues in new and innovative ways, driving change and results. It is not just a powerful way to communicate your brand story, it is also an engaging format that really captivates audiences.

Please get in touch! We’d love to help you make some amazing 3D animated videos for your business.

How we Completed

3D animation can be used in a full spectrum of content – to communicate ideas, products and processes. Departments such as marketing, communications, training and recruitment are all using it to achieve their goals.

The Mission

Animated videos are the ideal way to show off your new product to the world. CGI can enhance these videos, giving new views of your product, allowing you to put your product in different environments, or just bringing a prototype to life. 

Final Results

Working with a 3D animation business allows for more flexibility with the product, as they don’t have to worry about the restrictions which can happen with live action. To give you a good idea of what is capable with 3D, we’ve made a few of the 3D animation designs.


2021 Q1


Adobe After Effects



Check out Main Highlights

  1. Promo Videos Are Great For Demos.
  2. Videos Entertain and Educate more than Content.
  3. Promo Videos Serves as Another Touchpoint With Consumers
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